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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Since my little ones have gone back to school and nursery, I have been able to spend a bit more time at home just pottering, which has been really rather lovely.

I have managed to grab a bit of time to enjoy my interior books,  I love nothing more than grabbing a quick cuppa and flicking through some of my favourites.

I have been updating my Pinterest board which has given me lots of inspiration, I am so happy our bedroom makeover  has almost come together. I also have a few ideas for some more changes around the home. I can't wait to make a start on George's room and plan to make a start pinning soon to have all my ideas in one space. For now here is a snapshot of my house love board which I will be adding too.

Follow Cathy's board House Love on Pinterest.

I have also had some time to clear out the clutter which always makes me feel better, I feel like I can focus and enjoy our home more when its a little more in order!

So have you been enjoying your home this September?  If you have a Pinterest page feel free to share.

Thanks for reading

Cathy xo

Bedroom makeover update

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Slowly but surely I feel like our little bedroom makeover is coming together. I really wanted to make this room feel less cluttered and calm so we repainted all the walls in a chalk white homebase paint. We have invested in a new king size bed, best thing we ever did especially when we need to make room for little visitors who want cuddles!!
We went for a matress topper for extra comfort and upgraded all our bed linen with a 100% cotton hotel quality range, I shopped around a lot for this, I do love the White Company but their prices are out of my reach, so I went to my local Home Sense and picked up some real bargains. I have to say having luxury bed linen does make a real difference. My main aim was to go for a boutique hotel style bed and I have to say I love getting to bed even more now and when we are not woken by little ones we both really sleep well! I also went for a white throw over the bed to give it a lovely finish, I am a huge fan of throws as it just gives the bed a finishing touch and also because I am lazy and I don't iron duvet covers so the throw saves me from looking at chreased sheets!
In terms of looking after the bed linen I always use Fairy as its soft and gentle and smells lovely too.
So our bed is sorted, we have started to add some more changes. We got some new curtains in a lovely pastel grey colour from Ikea they were a bargain and really good quality, the black and white cushion is also from Ikea.
Here are some other new accessories I have added to our room.
Picture wedge - Ikea
You've got style print - Tea & Kate website
Love my husband was a card to My Mister from - Not On The High Street
C & J letters are from England At Home
Dream banner was made up from a banner kit from - This Modern Life
You look lovely card - The People Shop
Varse - Junk shop find
The clothes sack which is really useful to put ironing in, is from my online store Simply Chic
I still have a few more finishing touches and here is my final wish list, some items have been ordered some I am still saving a few more pennies for!
Bedside Lamps - Habitat
Print - Tea & Kate
Wall Decal  - Etsy - Made Of Sundays
Radio - Amara (I wanted a pink radio My Mister wouldn't let me!)
So we are almost there! I am looking forward to putting the finishing touches together and I will take lots of photos to show you all. Next project -  George's room!
Cathy xo

Amara Blog Awards

Monday, 8 September 2014

I am so excited to share with you I have been NOMINATED in the Best Newcomer category for the Amara Interior Blog Awards You can pop over and read all about the blog awards here. Voting is now open and If any of my lovely readers would be kind enough to spare a few moments to vote for me I would be so, so grateful.

To vote for My Sweet Things in the best newbie category click here
And to catch up on my Interior posts click here.

Thank you so much lovely readers and wish my luck! 

Cathy xo

Goodbye summer............

Friday, 5 September 2014

Well blogging has really taken a back seat over July and August!! I kind of knew it would but if you're still with me and reading this then thank you, I promise to get back on track and have some great posts to share with you.

So welcome September, you're here already! I can't quite believe the summer holidays are over now. All in all we had a lovely summer it was a little bit of a juggle at times and I detailed this in my previous post but our last little holiday in Wales was just what we needed. it was quality time, and no internet to distract us!!

The cottage where we stayed was called Mountain Lodge in Pembrey, Carmarthenshire it is very much off the beaten track but so peaceful and there was plenty to do close by.

The cottage where we stayed was so sweet and has been renovated to a high standard it was so homely and cosy.

The weather was a bit hit and miss but it didn't matter we still got outside lots and George and Tilly loved the outside space, we haven't got a huge garden at home so to have this much space to just run around safely and freely was great for them,  they played outside for ages.

Getting up to this view every morning was pretty wonderful.

Right outside the front door there were some lovely walks, George and Tilly loved it especially the blackberry picking.

I would definitely recommend  Mountain Lodge as place to chill out for a long weekend, here is the link if you want anymore information, the owners are really friendly and relaxed tell them Cathy and John from Worcester sent you! Also here are a few places I would recommend visiting if you're in the area.

Saundersfoot - Lovely unspoilt seaside town,  it was very windy when we were there but we had a lovely little mouch round some shops, a great lunch and flew our kite on the very windy beach!

Pembrey Country Park -  Another windy day while we were there but we still managed a picnic, the quickest picnic in history!! And an hour or so on the beach. On a sunny day I can imagine the beach would be wonderful, it was very clean and lovely soft sand. Despite the weather our little ones still enjoyed it and they had great fun at the adventure play ground.

National Botanical Garden Of Wales - We all fell in love with this place, it was such a great day out, we were blessed with lovely weather and the scenery and views were amazing and there were some great family activities. George enjoyed picking herbs from the garden and learning about how herbs were used as medicine many years ago, Tilly stuck to the croquet! Again we took a picnic and there was lots of space to sit outside and enjoy the scenery, we went to the cafĂ© for tea and cake before we left and it was very nice.

It was a super relaxing break and our little ones loved it, to be honest I didn't want to leave but fortunately we had a day at The Big Feastival to look forward to which really does round up our summer holidays its like going out with a bang!

It's our third year attending this festival and as always Jamie Oliver and Alex James know how to show grown ups and little ones a good time we had such a fantastic day!!

So now its back to school this week, George started at his new school today and is now in year one, he had a great day and was a very happy little chappy at pick up.  I didn't get that much out of him in terms of what he did, but he said it was fun and the lunch was good!  They are off to a farm tomorrow which he is very excited about.  Tilly is starting at her new nursery tomorrow and has the cutest little uniform although she took some persuading to try it all on, so getting her dressed should be fun tomorrow morning!!

I have all the best intentions to be a bit more organised  this year and have a series to share with you I found this post really useful, so for parents of children who have started school  I can definitely recommend it The School Series - a guide for mums by Jodi.

I have found this whole school melarky a shock to the system!! I really beat myself up about choosing the wrong setting first time round for George and I totally felt like I was going back to school myself!! Don't get me wrong I loved my school days and made friends that I am still close to today, but they are tough years and at the time feel like a life sentence and its harder now for little ones and teachers too.

 I know its a long stretch ahead for my children now and that's why its so important to treasure times like holidays and weekends when you can kick back a bit and enjoy the chaos that little ones bring to the home! I love both the hustle and bustle of family/home life, outings and holidays but its equally great to get some head space and enjoy a quiet cup of tea, so that's what I am going to do  now, the house is so quiet...................... I am going to grab five minutes and then start the dreaded cleaning! Oh and yes I started my blog post last night and didn't finish it! I am trying to be quite strick on getting to bed before 11pm these days as I need to get rid of the suitcases under my eyes!

Hope you have had a great summer everyone, what did you get up to? I would love to hear from you and thanks again for sticking with me.

Oh and do check back soon as I promise to be back with a little update on my bedroom makeover!

Thanks for reading,
Cathy xo

August so far..............

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I wish I had a lovely collection of photos to share with you but I have to say I have been rushing around so much trying to make sure my little ones needs are full filled I have hardly picked up my camera which I feel a bit sad about. The summer holidays are flying by and its been a bit tough since we got back from our holiday in Devon. Tilly is at a difficult stage she is desperately trying to be so independent  and she wants to do everything herself and whilst I am so proud of her it takes time she can even have a meltdown if I help her into her car seat at the moment, do you feel my pain!!  I have had to take lots of deep breaths and try and be patient oh so very patient and I keep telling myself its a phase!

But when we have afternoons like this together it makes it all worth while my two love a bit of baking! So glad I managed to get these few photos of them.

I have been muddling through with my on line shop  and working in the evenings packing orders so I don't feel like I have had much time to myself.  However last weekend we had a day to ourselves just the two of us, lunch and  a spot of shopping in Cheltenham, we also squeezed in  a cream tea at Cowley Manor

with a mooch around The Hambledon. Which was rather lovely, it helped to have a day off mummy duties!! We totally fell in love with Cowley Manor and hoping to book a few nights during half term as it was lovely to see lots of children there and the spa looked amazing.

Photo credit The Hambledon at Cowley Manor

We have a few fun things planned for the rest of the summer holidays and another little break away, but I know September will be here before we know it, so I am going to make sure we enjoy the rest of our time together before its time to go back to school!

I will try and get back on track with blogging it has been very inconsistent through the holidays ( I knew it would be!) oh and try and host another giveaway soon I failed miserably at my last one, it was the wrong timing and I wasn't around to promote it, I need to make sure the next one I do is shouted from the roof tops to try and make it a success.

Back soon and as always thanks for reading.
Cathy xo

Oh Devon how I love you....................

Friday, 1 August 2014

I have attempted to write this post a fair few times, with the summer holidays in full swing I seem to have very little free time. I have been so tired by the time my little ones are in bed, orders are packed and all the other chores are done!! The list goes on!!

So back to Devon, a few weeks ago we headed down to Woolacombe for a week. Every time we holiday in North Devon I fall in love with it a little bit more and this time we were blessed with amazing weather. We had  really lovely times filled with slow mornings, trips to the beach most days, BBQ's in the evenings and we injured the kiddy disco a few times at the holiday park where we stayed, the things you do for your little ones hey! So here are a few photos of our time spent at Woolacoombe and Saunton Sands beach. 

And a trip to Croyde with a walk to Baggy Point.

 Where we found a sweet little National Trust Cafe which serves the best cream tea I have ever tasted and Tilly loved exploring the garden. 

After our lovely week in Woolacoombe we headed to Westward Ho and stayed with Johns brother and girlfriend who made us so welcome in their lovely home. We had a fabulous but slightly challenging day at Somersault Festival (quite a few meltdowns from our little ones!) This kind of sums up their mood when we got there!! They were both tired, Tilly hates the buggy at the moment. I have to say it was tough to deal with thankfully the day got better and we were able to put the challenging start  behind us!

We entertained them in the Kids Camp and after lunch they had lots of fun playing in they hay, so grateful to my lovely brother in law for taking these amazing photos I love how he captured them having so much fun they soon snapped out of their grumpy mood!

They had so much fun, but they were both so tired we booked some time with  Mortimer Nannies and John and I were so grateful for the time together and our little ones got to chill out on the bean bags and play in the sand pit, It was lovely to collect them and we all loved watching the head line act Jack Johnson.

After a long walk back to the car, we headed headed back for a much needed shower and a cup of tea and a comfy bed. 

So the next day it was time to head home after a lovely week. 

I promise to be back soon and as always thanks for reading. 



Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wow! This weekend my little blog has reached it's first milestone! I have been blogging for a year now! It has been lovely to look back on my first year, you can read my very first blog post here.  I started this blog as an online journal to document my life with my family and for the first year this blog has very much been a hobby for me, I felt rather than heading in feet first I would give myself a year to learn all about the blogging world and do some courses and develop my writing skills.

So lets rewind twelve months and I will let you know how I started. I decided to blog to record those special times with family,  I love documenting my life with my loves and writing about my beloved mum, moments can pass us by so quickly, It is so important to me to record them in one special place. The blog posts I find really easy to write about are the family posts I can honestly say they come straight from the heart.

I get a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers, for me the perfect evening is settling down with a cuppa or glass of wine! To catch up on a few of my favourite reads if you haven't already I would recommend popping over to some of my favourite blogs!

The Beetle Shack
Seeds & Stitches
Decor 8
Me & Orla

I get inspiration for my writing from lots of things that's pretty much how I came up with my name, my family, my home, holidays, milestones, my friends, a weddings, birthdays, pretty flowers. cooking crafting or restyling a room or a simple trip to the park with my little ones I can honestly say after blogging for a year I love recording special moments and things that are important to me.

Techy stuff - haven't got heaps of information on this I use Blogger and soon to move on to my own domain for my web address. I find blogger really user friendly and straight forward another bit of vital advice is back up your files, blog and photos,  We have invested in Seagate and it gives me so much peace of mind for photos and my blog.I would be gutted, so gutted if I ever lost all the information on my blog so every post is backed up on there.

Apps - My two favourites apps for photo editing  are A Beautiful Mess App and a new one called Little Moments App both are great for editing images on my iphone or creating something for my blog.

Images and editing - I use Pic Monkey very user friendly and photoshop with my hubbys help! I take photos on my iphone or Nikon bridge camera.

Design/Templates - Etsy all the way! There are so many fabulous graphic designers, I used  Etsy for my logo and template, both designers were lovely to work with and affordable. So if you are looking for a template or logo I would recommend heading to Etsy.

Courses - Blogging Your Way by Holly Becker was a fantastic course for me, I learnt heaps from Holly and the tutors and it gave me so much inspiration.

I also really enjoyed The Prettiest Workshop and you can read all about it here it was hosted by Emily Quinton of Makelight and Allison Sadler of The People Shop it was such a gorgeous workshop and I have got to say I really did get heaps out of it, both ladies shared lots of hints and tips on styling, I learnt more about Instagram and useful apps to use and Emily shared photography skills it was a great day and very valuable for a new lifestyle blogger I am hoping to do another course next year to develop my skills.

Linkys - Its has been great to link up with fellow bloggers, here are a few of my chosen linkys I try to link up with when I can.

Meal Planning Monday
Stills - Weekly Collection
Love Your Home
Me & You

So that's wraps it up really, I hope you found some of the information useful and enjoyed finding out a little bit of information behind the scenes of My Sweet Things! As mentioned my first year has really been a hobby for me. So where do I want to take it to next..... I would  really love to grow readership and develop this blog. I do need to be prepared for the hard work ahead of me and it takes time to build a successful blog, but if only a handful of people are enjoying my posts at the moment I am happy with that :) It takes time, so my plan is to carry on writing, documenting our life, everything that inspires me, my home and a few more recipes, more giveaways and try and find some time to attend some of the amazing blogging events out there and meet some more bloggers.

I feel ready now after one year of learning and treating this space as a hobby to take it to the next level. So I guess my advice to any new bloggers out there is take your time, enjoy your writing and use social media as much as you can, I am not great at this and its something I really want to work on going into my second year!

So to celebrate my first year I have a fab giveaway, a way of saying thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts, follow me, comment, like my facebook page, follow on twitter and instagram I am so, so grateful :)

So here is information of my giveaway the most important bit the price, yay! It is £20 to spend in my store Simply Chic

To enter please follow me on Bloglovin  Instagram  and follow my facebook page for instagram followers please repost the giveaway photo. To give you plenty of time I will be running until Monday 21st July and  I will announce the winner on Instagram, facebook and my blog.

We are off to Devon tomorrow for a week of quality family time and a festival yay! After our time in Woolacombe we are heading to Somersault next weekend so I will be back soon to tell you all about our adventures! And Thank you. thank you so, so much for all your support, your comments, your follows and for reading it means the world to me.

Much love,

Cathy xo

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